Advertise space we offer:

We offer space for various types of advertising banner ads or sponsor ads services like photo or promotion or messages or image or animation advertisement of Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Coaching Classes, Tuition Teacher's image, Home tuition teacher's classes and also the link which redirect to their web site by clicking on it. We offer displaying still, motion and Animation Ads.

Which types of Advertise we display ?

We make, create and display all still, motion and animation ads in the size of 250x350(responsive); 280x336(responsive); 600x300(responsive) in all screen manner.

Where your advertise will display ?

The Advertise will display only on the website of Entrance1 course pages and blogs or articles pages, we provide images on the right side (Desk top version) of the Entrance1's web site and middle of the course page of (mobile version). The banner ads have different types of sizes and photos which are made and designed by designers of Entrance1.

What types of Advertise we display ?

We only display the advertisement of Educational Institutes such as University, Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Coaching classes, private tuition, private tuition teachers, teachers teaching from home, Online, study material suppliers whole seller, retailers and do not encourage any other types miscellaneous types of activities and we do not encourage any third party unknown site promote advertisement.

Rates for Advertise:

Still Banner Advertise: We provide worthwhile and pocket-friendly prices such as:
  •  Still Photo or images: 250x350(responsive) size= 250 + 850/- INR
  •  Still Photo or images: 280x336(responsive) size= 250 + 950/- INR
  •  Large Skyscraper : 600x300(responsive) size= 350 + 1050/- INR
Please note: We charge one time for making each banner ads as per size. For a small box 250x350 ads and medium box ads 280x336 size Rs 250/- INR will charge and for Large Skyscraper 600x300 size 350/- INR will charge for making or designing ads. If you have your final ads to display will NOT charge any making and creating charges.
The rate such as 850/- ; 950/- and 1050/- is for bidding the placement and displaying on the website for one month and we offer unlimited clicks for your website per month.
We also offer 10% discounts for bulk or more than 3 Still ads on monthly basis and unlimited clicks. The making and creating still ads will remain same per ads.

Animation Banner Ads:

We offer very less and competitive price for Animation Ads.
For the size of ads such as:
  •  Animation small size ads: 250x350(responsive) size 450 + 1050/-INR
  •  Animation medium size ads: 280x336(responsive) size 450 + 1150/-INR
  •  Animation for Sky Skyscraper ads: 600x300(responsive) size 550 + 1250/- INR
The making and creating charges are 450/- (one time, per ad) for small and medium ads and 600x300 Large Skyscraper is 550/- (one time, per ad) and monthly displaying charge for small and medium ads will be 1050/-; 1150/- and 1250/- for Large Skyscraper with unlimited clicks per month.
We also offer 15% discounts for bulk or more than 3 Animation ads on monthly basis and unlimited clicks. The making and creating animation ads will remain same per ads.
One Animation box contains one motion images, cartoons, humans, photos or objects in the form of looping(repeating) manner for time limit period of 7 to 15 seconds Advertise. Ads will showing in looping manner till page is watching by the user. Please note: Bulk advertising reflects more than 3 Banner Ads. Before finalising, advertisement are shown to client and then will displayed in course pages as per size and availability. Making any types of advertise will take 3 to 4 working days. We do not provide Pay per Click (P.P.C) or Pay per thousand Impression (P.C.M), we provide unlimited clicks for a month on any size and price of Banner Ads.

What will get more rather than Ads ?

You can also check the clicks counting daily or monthly from your private Administrator to know your traffic status too.
Also the listing your business in the Entrance1 "Top Institute Page" is including in payment of Advertisement in the Banner Ads or Motion Ads of Institutes or School or Colleges or Coaching Classes.
We will also provide you your dedicated Institute's profile page in the web site where you can add 7 images of your Institutes, Top year Students profile, different types of images of Institutes also, you can upload or create 3 videos of your profile or of Topper students experience coaching which can give LIVE user experience to visitors. Also anytime you can remove and can add new videos or images with NO extra cost.
For SEO and SMO online and offline marketing:
We are the dedicated best in the field of digital marketing and offers very low and best price for those who are keenly interested in making brand awareness for their business. We offer Online and Offline campaigning on the internet such as creating a project work for listing on top in a page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other internet search engines and also Offline campaigning project such marketing in Social media platforms such as Face book, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social media platforms.

How we will work for you ?

We will use the best strategy in SEO and SMO such as creating and ranking on blogs and articles to top blogger page as well as pages of which will increase your page rank and increase the visibility of the site.
We offer SEO and SMO on a monthly basis as a package of Rs 5700/- INR onwards for per Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Coaching Classes, Tuition Teacher's image, Home tuition teacher's classes. This price is only including for 5 to 7 keywords for SEO and articles submission and other works are charges accordingly. You can email us for more elaboration of work.
You can also add other services such as Email Marketing of students 2800/- for 35000 verified email address. This service you can use for one time or monthly basis. The price includes the database and email shooting.
Also, we provide the leads of students for filling up your target as per needs.

We also design a fabulous website:

Update your existing website or new website as per your choice. We are good at creating websites, also light weight so that you can decrease your bounce rate in Google Analytics and increase traffic.
Also, a website will be a user-friendly and easy interface. The price of the website starts from 4500/- INR onwards.
Price totally depends upon the platform you choose, a number of pages and numbers of an element selected.
Also, we offer service for maintaining the websites on monthly to yearly basis prices starts from 2500/- to 50000/- per month basis. (The price is finalised only after testing the existing quality of your website by experts web site developers of Entrance1 only. The final price will be emailed you).
And lastly, let's have a partnered handful shake hand for dedicated and relevant Business.
Note: The above rates of services may periodically change due to the many unconditional factors such as for meeting the required expenses of Company, salary or wages of the employees, maintaining other substance, changes of rates in any licensed software programs . Rates will be updated when changed, you are requested to check periodically.

How you pay to Us ?

Paying us is simple, We will provide you all the easy mean with no hesitate. You can pay us by all the Online modes such as paying by NEFT, RTGS, Credit Card or Debit Card, Net Banking. You can also pay by cheque or demand draft. We will also provide you a Payment Gateway page only on your Mobile or desktop screen.
Details of Bank:
  •  Account Name:
  •  Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda
  •  Account Status: Current
  •  Account number: 40420200000083
  •  Branch : Dahisar( East), Mumbai, Maharashtra-India
Note: All the above rates and services are excluding any tax such as G.S.T and any sort of Service Tax. The tax will be applicable and collected as G.S.T 18% along with the cost or service price of Entrance1 services. Paying by Credit or Debit card 2.25% will be charge extra on total payment and charges are beard by client. Cash payments are not accepted.
You can courier cheque as a payment to us on below address too. The courier chargers are beard by clients and not by Entrance1. The payee should be name with "" and also provide the bank account number "A/C number 40420200000083" Payment can also be made by monthly basis and these payments are collected by credit or debit card in the recurring automotive pay mode too.

How we communicate with you:

For those who wish to avail any service of, we will be provide all the details by phone calls and by email from the marketing executive and will also guide you with all the information regarding working and the terms and conditions. Before proceeding to any sort of services or payments our team member or marketing executive will visit you and will help you in very manner. Please do not pay any sort of payments to team or person who visits you.

When work will Start ?

Works start only after the successful 2 months advance payments and contract signed by the client.

When we will remind you ?

We will remind the clients for payment exhausting till the due date by emailing them on specific time if the payment is not received after the due date we may discontinue the service and shall continue the service again after the payment received. We are not responsible if the email sent from us are receiving in the spam or junk box, you should check periodically your mail box.
If you have changed your email id or created a new mail box you should update us by mailing us and to continue any kind of promotion service. We will not mail any sort of messages to any unknown human.

Terms of commenting work and payment method and rules

All advertiser are invited with a WARMFUL WELCOME and we will avail a best service to fulfilling.
We offer all the above services only if the contract signed by the CEO or Co-Founder or authorized person or any partner of the company only. The signed contract is saved and preserved by us also will provide the same copy to the contract signed person also, these contract will be in the mode of soft copy and same will provide to the client too. Also before signing the contract, we make the concept of the contract to understand first and then we advise to proceed to pay.
After signing the contract, one should obey and honour the relationship between us and should continue the contract and can request for change or improve or migrate to other plans if satisfied or not satisfied with any services.
The services cannot be combined or transfer with any current service activated, for all or any new service charges will apply as mentioned above. Changes in the final ads will charge as per the cost of the new ad.

When Client have to pay more ?

If the client having multiple branches in the different city or state or multiple educational professionals each and every banner ads will charge separately also, if any above services have multiple job work or multiple creating each service will be charged.
For more elaboration please Contact us.

What extra we do ?

We also accept the affiliate payments only on the basis of Institute's term and condition as being the partner for Online admission process.
Changes in terms:  We may or may not periodically change the Terms and the Site without notice, and you are responsible for checking these Terms periodically for revisions. All amended Terms become effective upon our posting to the Site, and any use of the site after such revisions have been posted signifies your consent to the changes.
Card Association:  Shall mean any of Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Diners, American Express or any other card association as may be specified by us from time to time. If you link a bank account with Entrance1, the bank must be a registered with RBI. When you make a payment that is funded by your bank, you are authorizing Entrance1 and our Financial Institution Partners to initiate an electronic transfer from your linked bank in the amount you specify. You are solely responsible for complying with any terms set by your bank with respect to your bank account, including any fee terms, such as non-sufficient fund or overdraft fee terms.
Terms of Refund Policy: The refund policy is only approved by admin and will refund the payment if the client is totally not satisfied with the service and finalized to discontinue service, also only the clients who have signed the contract for 6 months and above can request for a refund, refund will be reverted 20% of amount excluding taxes. These refund is only applicable for Banner ads only.
The amount of refund will be credited to a bank account of the contract signed person only after 7 working days.
As the work such as SEO, SMO, SME, Online and Offline campaigning, Brand Awareness takes more than 6 months to ranking high or to the fruitful result in the search engines and other media, client must understand the concept of rules and laws of the search engines and should avoid for cancellation and refunds and should grant us more time for better result and if still finalise to cancel the service 20% of the remaining amount will be refunded excluding any tax.

Terms of No Refund policy:

If in any case the business of the client (like shut down temporarily or permanently the payment will not be refunded on any condition. In the case, in dissolving partnership a non signed member or non authorized member is not treated as a client or a customer of Entrance1 and request for refunding will be rejected. If the long term basis (6 months and above) clients want to discontinue within the short period of time (1 to 3 months) without any appropriate reason no refund will granted and will have to continue till signed contract basis. We do not accept or promote any unconditional or spammed ads or illogical comments or ads on our web site if found ads will be discontinued immediately removed and No refund will be encouraged. High or top page rank results may vary in the search engines due to many certain factors of SEO or SMO or SME working and factors of competition and also flaw and updates of search engines rules and regulations hence we do not encourage or commit or any sort of guaranty to ranked for longer time or duration to visible high ranking in these case discontinuing the service or non appropriate reason to discontinue the service by the client No refund will be encourage and should continue the service till the contract signed.
Client should read all the above points and accept to agree all the provided points before availing any kind of services. There after changes are mostly deny.
For any quires or services email us on

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