JEE Main 2018: Exam Pattern and level of difficulty


JEE Main 2018 Exam Pattern and level of difficulty

exam pattern

JEE Main 2018 Exam Pattern and level of difficulty for the upcoming JEE Main Entrance Exam year 2018 will be shared with all students those who want to perceive for Bachelor of Technical B.Tech or Bachelor of Architecture B.Arch. This article will fetch a knowledge for all Jee Main Exam Pattern 2018 and also modes of Exams. As JEE Main exam has two modes of entrance exams such as Online and Offline and also conducts two papers 1) Engineering  2) Architecture. Those students are interested in Engineering should adopt B.Tech and those students are interested in Architecture should adopt B.Arch and even those who can take a challenge of both in a smart way can attempt both the examination. Candidates have to learn about JEE Main 2018 process, JEE Main Exam pattern, JEE Main 2018 Admit Card and finally JEE Main 2018 Entrance Exam.

The Exam has two Papers Engineering and Architecture:

JEE Main exam Paper 1 is for B.Tech/B.E which is conducted Online as well as Offline, Students can appear any one of them and also can appear both modes if desired. This chart will explain you JEE Main Exam Pattern.  

JEE Main 2018 pattern


Types of Questions

Exam Mode

Paper 1 (B.E./B.



Physics, Chemistry



Objective type with equal age to Physics, Chemistry, Biology



Paper 2 (B.ARCH/B



Maths Part Ι Aptitude Test - Part ΙΙ & Drawing Test-Part ΙΙΙ


Objective Type Questions to test drawing aptitude





Number of questions

Marks per question













 Duration of the exam is 3 hrs and with the negative mark losing 1 mark each for wrong attempting an answer.  

Subject for JEE Main Exam 2018 B.Tech or B.E:

For paper 1 B.Tech or B.E three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which are equally divided into 3 parts out of 90 question and per subject have 30 question with 4 marks each.

 For JEE Main exam Paper-2 is for B.Arch which is conducted Offline which is paper-based test contains 390 mark examination.  


 30  Questions 

 120 Marks

Aptitude Test

 50  Questions

 200 Marks


   2  Questions

   70 Marks


 8 2 Questions

 390 Marks

 Maths and Aptitude test have objective type questions and Drawing test has subjective type question. Duration of the exam duration is 3 hrs and students have to note that if wrongly attempted answer will lose 1 mark and also in multiple choice question & answer if marked more than one answer will also consider as a wrong answer and 1/4 mark will be deducted. 

 The difficulty level of JEE Main Exam Pattern 2018:

JEE Main exam has become more and more dramatically and the average of passing results have increased and this is because of the good practice of schools and Institutes around India and abroad. Many students have a big confusion about upcoming JEE Exam pattern and the difficult questions to appear so will have some quick look at the back of time.

JEE Main has been introduced by 2013 and by that time CBSC Board decide to set up a paper on the basis of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics which has an equal proportion of value. As the year passes on the concept of questions increased to 1750 and every year 25% of concept has been newly introduced to make the exam pattern more productive and natural to ways of engineering. This is to notify that every year the concept of exam pattern changes and introduce some new test questions which make Entrance Exam more and more difficult. If you look up the papers of 2013 and goes on until the paper of 2014 you will notice that concept of examination becomes more difficult. Students can check previous year JEE Main Mock & Aptitude test on our website too.

Tips for JEE Main 2018 Exam pattern:

How to spend time for JEE Main exam in examination hall? This is a question annoying all the students. This chart will make you calculate the time for each test such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.





60 - 65 minutes

60- 70 minutes


30  -40 minutes

30-35  minutes


50 - 60 minutes

60 -70  minutes

 This could be the average time to spend time on each test so you can distribute it without over wheeled at the finishing of your exam time. If you have little time do not just leave examination hall instead check again the whole paper.

Also, students can revise the previous 11th or 12th STD Science chapter or exam paper in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will help you to score well.

Take the advantage to attempt of previous paper test such as Mock & Aptitude test will make you some confidence to approach Examination.

JEE Main 2018 Eligibility Criteria:


Eligibility Criteria points note down

  •  He /she should be born on before 01/11/1991 and for SC, ST and PWD students, authorities have considered backward of  5 years which means he /she should be born on or after 1/11/1986 ( Note the Dates and years of eligibility may vary for the academic year 2018).

  • Also, keep this note that if you passed 12th  STD  in the year 2014 and or if you are appearing 12th STD  2017 cannot apply for the exams for the year 2017.

  •  There are two different criteria for B.E / B.Tech  and   B.Arch / B planning. For appearing  B.E / B.Tech the Candidates should score at least 45 % or more and should complete 12th STD with a subject like  Chemistry or Biology with 2 main subjects Physics and Maths.

  • For appearing  B. Arch / B Planning  Candidates should be good in Maths and also passed with the score 50 % and above.

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