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The Role of Entrance1 for Privately and Publicly

Entrance1.com is an online educational portal, we provide details courses of Foundation such as P.U.C, Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Study Abroad, Fashion, Hotel Management, Government, and Finance Jobs, Distance Courses, Top Courses, and LAW. Also provides related details of Institutes, Coaching Classes, Colleges, Universities and educational practicing premises of all over India as well as major Cities of India. The courses of the web pages are provided by the various internet sources such as News Publishers, Online faculties, teachers from the various educational field. Hence we did not pay to any provider sources as it was the meant for helping hands and were interested in providing educational Online reading materials for students or users. The course of the web site are solely meant for reading and practicing purpose only and it may not be considered as a final conclusion for the preparation of any kind of test or examinations. The course pages can be used as the intimation of providing information purpose only. The content information in the web site can be considered as true as a value but it may differ due to conditional up dates and changes hence Entrance1 does not have any responsibilities or liabilities if the information differs from any other sources and cannot be pinned as a comparison. However we are always updated and tries to provide true information by verified educational authorities.

Role of Users/ Students

On the basis of federal law’s Children privacy policy, this site access is a limit to the users who are above 16 years of old. By ticking and accepting terms of usage users/students have to a accept and maintain all decent environment and should honour the terms and must behave as a good user in the website of Entrance1.com. By violating any rules or tempering any part or whole of website will consider as a spammer and will immediately terminated from the records of website and shall discontinue as a user any more.
The user/ student can use the web site partially or whole such as joining discussions, raise or ask any question to teacher, read any part of course page or article, comment on post or article, share course and can also invite to other known students or users, also can invite teacher for discussion on any part of the web site. Also, student/ user can register them self for availing all the extra facilities from Entrance1 such as latest exam updates, notifications of exam related news, new users joining request, also can post an inquiry to the Entrance1 team for any related suggestions, feedback.
The using of the website for Users/ Students those who are registered or non registered can avail these facility 100% free, Entrance1.com does not charge to use any type of elements for anytime, anywhere usage. Entrance1.com is available on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile or any types size of screen do not charge to use the website to any user. Entrance1 may charge to users/ students if Entrance1 plans to sell any sort of study materials, online books on the basis of Online selling policy but only if the user agrees to buy and pay MRP rate for one time on one product.
The users/ students/ teachers on the web site is considered as a reader, seekers, joining for discussions, gathering information from any part of the web site and can use all the static elements but cannot copy, theft, change, display, download, distribute, publish, modify, transmit, reproduce, license, store, or sell any part of this material or services from our website. Using against policy may face an ACT of Cyber internet crime and have to face a legal action.

Entrance1 role for Educational Institutes ( Colleges, Institutes, Schools, Coaching Classes)

Entrance1 need to manage the expenses of the offices, maintaining daily and monthly wages and salary of the team, for these all purpose we charge only to Institutes, Colleges, Coaching classes, Tutorials and Other Educational Premises for sponsoring their advertisement and other Dedicated Services on our website. We also offer other internet services to enhance for brand awareness. Hence we work on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis and avail service according to the payment made by the Institutes. Our service is pocket-friendly and very good user experience, as our clients are happy to continue more and maintaining a good relationship. We offer services on true and transparent plans and do not have any hidden charges or hidden policies.

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  • Entrance1.com is an online educational portal, we provide all the necessary details for students, teachers, parents and colleges/institutes in regards to all streams of education under one roof. We conduct mock test on our website to guide students in selecting the correct path for their future. We understand the needs of a student and have devoted our portal to students.Read more...

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