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Master of Computer Application (M.C.A) course details.

Master of Computer Application is also known as MCA course a post-graduate program for upper grade accuse after graduation. MCA 's job is usually to increase the strength and capacity of IT industries ground field by motivated towards developing an application, better tools, accurate programming language, Mobile Computing, Algorithm. MCA is a part of Computer Science and a foremost or can say upgraded version than BCA course. 

It also specifies the computer language such as:-

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Dot net
  • PHP
  • J2EE
  • Data Structure
  • NET Framework

and much more programming languages.

MCA is a post graduate course for 3 years full time. The 3 years course has a 6 semester and each semester lasts for 6 months (generally). MCA is designed in very easy and crafted way that during the first 4 semester students are general practices mostly in theoretical ways such as short-term revisions after complete one of the topics and also some practical jobs to ensure better practice on a project. In the remaining last 2 semester usually focusing on practical by completing the given specific project works. Generally, the project work is highly competitive to shape them better tools or a program and these lead a student a certificate or a holder of Master degree.

For applying for MCA or to pushing forward for goal and challenges one should complete graduation or 10 + 2+ 3. Jumping yourself in an early stage in the big pool may lead you incomplete without specific knowledge of computer application or any kind of basic knowledge of computer languages. So it will better to climb up step by step by doing basic courses or BCA or other application science program to ensure a degree of Master in your hand.

When somebody congratulates for becoming a Master of Computer Application,  the doors of big and oriented jobs are waiting for you because now a day's  MCA eligible candidates are very genius, bold and logical understanding every path of a project.

MCA Eligibility Criteria


  • Generally, one has to pursue a Bachelor degree (Engineering or Electronics) from recognized university and should a good scorer of science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and of course Mathematics.

  • Also if a candidate has completed BCA earlier has a good chance eligibility in MCA course.

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