How to Calculate CAT 2017 Percentile

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How to Calculate CAT 2017 Percentile

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How to Calculate CAT 2017 Percentile?

 CAT 2017 Percentile is calculated on many factors due to some changes in the calculation year by year and due to the increment of the appearing candidates in the CAT Exam. You can find out the previous year total test taker candidates in CAT Exam the figure of the candidates in 2017 is increased by 20% and will increase more and more as the year passes on because for PGDM and for MBA, CAT is one of the perfect assortment tools which decides the number of candidates for Management studies and  Do you know there is been lots of confusion going around many candidates searching many sites about How to calculate CAT 2017 percentile  but still some doubts are unclear. In website of CAT exam section given a brief explanation about to calculate and find out the percentile of our score based on the test taker in the same examination.

Let's have a brief look.

The Percentile is a rank scored by the student in the CAT examination and secured after answers have been finalized and also depend upon the number of students appearing the same exam. There is a simple example to understand for a candidate to count their percentile in CAT Exam 2017. Suppose if you consider yourself as A and B as a total test taker in the single CAT Exam 2017 and C is your rank scored in the same exam only.

then first C (your rank scored) is subtracted from B(total test taker) the answer is again divided from the B and multiplied by 100 is your percentile calculated.

Suppose if there are 200000 total test taker in CAT 2017 exam and your rank is 1700 then 200000-1700=198300. 198300/200000x100%=99.15 %tile.

Now I think you can get a good idea to calculate your percentile easily just remember the tricks.

What is Percentile meaning?

Percentile of a candidate denotes percentage candidate below him in the overall exam.

Have some example to illustrate more,

If a student called  appearing CAT Exam and a total number of test taker is 1000 and ranks 10 the CAT test, means 990 were behind the student A, that means the percentile of is 99 as 99 percentage of students were behind him.

What are the advantages of Percentile?

As per difficulty of the paper you have the chance to originate the final percentile as high as 99.9 percentile. Whether test will remain easy or difficult you have a chance to come out solely depend upon your performance and self-test preparation. There will be a low cut-off when the test is a tough section as it is relative performance.

If you are seeking for a top B school for MBA  CAT Exam is the another good option compare the XAT Exam because of the style paper pattern  and marking score, yet in CAT exam if you attempted a wrong answer will lose one mark whereas in XAT Exam you lose 1/4 mark if wrongly answer but this does not give the  negative impact to CAT Exam but the MCQ and non-MCQ pattern in CAT Exam gives you an easy opportunity to score well either to  perceive for another option.

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