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MBA 2017 Masters of Business Administration Exam Details 

The MBA 2017  Masters of Business Administration is a course that is available all over the world for a vast variety of subjects. The professional course of MBA came about sometime in the early 1900s. It is an extremely appreciated course that helps students and candidates with good potentials for business management in the future to secure good, well- paying jobs with proper job security.  There are a fair few careers that one can opt for after completing their diploma course or their degree course in Masters of Business Administration. Masters of Business Administration courses have various programs, other than the regular full-time course so that students can opt for the program according to their convenience. A few of them would be the Accelerated MBA, the Mini MBA, and the Executive MBA.

Some of the more popular post- MBA career options would be:

  • The head or director of a department in major multinational companies
  •  An entrepreneur
  • Business development associate
  • Business development analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Business strategist.
  • A founder
  • Consultant for management and similar firms
  • Analyst for Finance
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Manager for marketing
  • Operations Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Manager for projects.
  • Analyst for marketing
  • Operations Analyst
  • Operations Associate
  • Associate for marketing.

These are MBA post the more popular options offered to graduates of the Masters of Business Administration course. They are also offered a whole lot more options for the careers they would want to opt for. These options are obviously related to management. Many MBA course degree and diploma holders get looked up to jobs at multinational companies or even the best national companies. This applies not just to India, but the entire world over.

There are various subject courses offered by colleges providing the Masters of Business Administration course. These help the students decide better for what subject and career they would prefer to opt for in the near future. MBA courses have the regular courses that have been around since the existence of MBA and the other company, industry, or mainly institute specific courses. Most MBA course offering colleges in India offer their students part time courses, full-time courses, and even certain executive MBA specialization courses.  The more popular, effective courses for Masters of Business Administration students are:

  • Human resources 

  • Entrepreneur management 

  • Banking and insurance

  • Tour and travel management

  • International business management

  • Health management

  • Finance

  • Marketing management

  • Retail management

  • IT management

A student is eligible for MBA if he or she has completed 3 years of graduate studies and achieved their Bachelor's degree or diploma in a related field. They are also required to clear their CAT entrance test or MAT entrance test or the ATMA entrance exam or XAT entrance exam or their college CET exam or their state CET exam.

An MBA course is the option for a student who has a great vision for the Management industry.

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